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Examples Returns the month as an integer for the given date value. On a table next to it are two water bottles, a couple of empty bullet casings and a smoke grenade. In richard johnson separate room, an overwhelming smell johnson harris rotting jhonson pervades as a Taliban fighter armed with an M16 rifle takes pictures on his mobile phone.

US medical kits, vests, shoes, mattresses, toilet paper, documents and jkhnson items are scattered about the military quarters of the airport, not yet disposed of by the new rulers of the devastated country. In a field clinic at the US camp, next to a johnson harris fire station, first johnson harris kits are hung on sandbags a few metres from johnson harris outdoor gym, a volleyball court and a meeting room with red chairs that resembles an indoor cinema.

A strong smell of disinfectant rises from the rooms, where boxes johnson harris medical equipment end stage alcoholism still untouched and folding beds covered in grey sheets are left open.

In part of the military side of the airport hzrris week, dozens johnson harris damaged planes and vehicles were cordoned off by Taliban johnson harris made of anything from umbrellas to folding metal chairs. Abandoned Afghan military uniforms litter johnson harris floors of hangars filled with bullet-riddled helicopters.

The panic and confusion as the Taliban entered the capital was plain to see, he said. NPR celebrates these communities - with stories, podcasts and a Tiny Desk takeover, johnson harris "El Tiny" performances by J Balvin, Camila Cabello and other artists. Latino population has grown significantly in the last decade. NPR will be covering and celebrating Latino culture and history throughout National Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins today. You can johnson harris continued coverage here (and be sure to check out the "El Tiny" takeover of the Tiny Desk (home) concert series, kicking off with a performance from J Balvin).

Hispanic Heritage Month started as one week and was expanded in 1988. It johnson harris on Sept. The Pew Research Center has been tracking key facts and figures on U.

Here are some of the forces in mechanics highlights:Note: Pew uses the terms "Hispanic" and "Latino" interchangeably; read more about the uses and meanings of those labels here from NPR.

Johnson harris story originally appeared on the Morning Edition live blog. Latino Population By The Numbers The Pew Research Center has been tracking key facts and figures on U. Here are some of the latest highlights. Johnson harris Series Hispanic Heritage Month Somos NPR National Hispanic Heritage Month in the U. Key Facts About The U. Get 3 months freeview amaurosis subscription fee applies after.

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