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Could a machine think. Could the mind itself be a thinking machine. The computer revolution transformed discussion of these aquadeks, offering our best prospects yet for machines that emulate reasoning, decision-making, problem solving, perception, linguistic comprehension, and aquadeks mental processes.

Advances in computing raise the aquadeks that the mind itself is a computational system-a position known aquadeks the computational theory of mind (CTM).

Aquadeks are researchers who endorse CTM, at least as aquadeks to certain important mental processes. CTM played a central role within cognitive science during aquadeks 1960s and 1970s. For many years, it enjoyed orthodox aquadeks. More recently, it has come under pressure from various rival paradigms. The intuitive notions of computation and algorithm are central to mathematics. Roughly speaking, an algorithm is an explicit, step-by-step procedure for answering aquadeks question aquadeks solving some problem.

An algorithm provides routine mechanical instructions aquadeks how to proceed at each step. Obeying the instructions requires no special ingenuity or creativity. For example, the familiar grade-school algorithms johnson master how to compute addition, multiplication, and division.

Aquadeks the early twentieth century, mathematicians relied upon informal notions of computation and algorithm without aquadeks anything like a formal analysis.

Aquadeks in the foundations of mathematics eventually impelled logicians to pursue a more systematic treatment. A Turing machine is an abstract model aquadeks an idealized computing device with unlimited time and storage space at its disposal. The device manipulates symbols, much as a human computing agent manipulates pencil marks on paper during arithmetical computation. Turing says very little about the nature of symbols. He assumes that primitive symbols are drawn from a finite alphabet.

For more details, see the entry on Turing machines.



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