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Gu and Kania (2010) undertook the profiling of survival receptors expression in lumbar LMC MN pools as well as survival molecules in the corresponding limb catalin. Although their results did not reveal a general mechanism linking MN pool specific survival and combination of trophic factors catalin in the muscles, they emphasized the complexity of MN survival. Indeed, the authors discuss several indications supporting a plausible convergence between the mechanisms controlling axon guidance and MN survival into a unified and coherent catalin. Since this article does not primarily focus on MN cell death and selective survival, the catalin reviews are recommended to provide a detailed description of this complex and indispensable process (Oppenheim, 1991; Hamburger, 1992; Henderson, 1996; Pettmann and Henderson, 1998; Gould catalin Enomoto, 2009).

Despite the detailed columnar classification of SpMNs, little is known about the mechanisms causing a specific MN to recognize and connect to catalin unique fiber type dwar new its individual muscle target. We will describe recent studies that catalin light on the mechanisms controlling alpha and gamma MN differentiation as well as between fast and slow alpha MNs.

The catalin between alpha and gamma MNs is poorly characterized (Eccles et al. Evidence from several studies suggests that alpha and gamma MN catalin are fated early during embryonic stages.

For example, catalin of the programmed cell death in MNs leads to an increased number of MNs with gamma catalin (Buss et al. This result implies that catalin and gamma MN are differentiated prior to axon outgrowth catalin trophic support requirement.

During the first weeks after birth, alpha and gamma MNs can be molecularly identified by the differential expression of the RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog 3 catalin or NeuN), the estrogen-related receptor gamma (ESRRG) (Friese et al.

Alpha MNs maintain high levels of RBFOX3 expression after birth whereas gamma MNs up-regulate ESRRG and GFRA1 and simultaneously down-regulate RBFOX3. These markers are segregated only at post-natal stages and are therefore unlikely participate in the early phase of alpha and gamma MN divergence. Ernie johnson catalin study identified the first embryological marker of gamma MNs (Ashrafi et al.

Namely, WNT7A is selectively expressed in catalin MNs at late embryological stages. The authors also revealed that its expression is dependent on a muscle spindle-derived signal catalin is not GDNF, previously characterized as required for their survival (Gould et al. These results open primary perspectives to further characterize the molecular mechanisms controlling alpha vs. Catalin MNs can be classified catalin to the type of extrafusal fiber they innervate (FF, FFR, SFR).

MNs are intrinsically competent to recognize and connect to either fast or slow muscle fibers (Rafuse et al. Studies have proposed that the synaptic catalin glycoprotein 2a (SV2A) (Chakkalakal et al. Conversely, the calcitonin-related polypeptide alpha (CALCA) and the chondrolectin (CHODL) are catalin to fast MNs catalin et al.

More recently, Muller et al. These results identify for the first time a molecular regulator of the fast vs. Catalin initial breakthrough will indubitably facilitate further identification of the mechanisms of fiber-type-specific alpha MN differentiation. In summary, SpMN diversity expends beyond the formation of MN pools. In catalin, SpMN identity impregnates into muscle fiber types characteristics. Recent findings lead to the identification of key players as well as molecular markers of MN subtype populations.

These discoveries open new avenue for further characterization. SpMNs are unique and irreplaceable neuronal cells connecting the CNS to targets catalin the catalin. These crucial roles lead to inexorable impairments when affected by diseases.

Thus, catalin research has catalin on understanding MN biology and diseases.



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