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In accordance with the OIE procedure for official recognition of disease status, this page provides access to the List of OIE Members officially recognised free from foot and mouth disease (FMD) by the OIE through the adoption of a resolution by the World Assembly of Delegates (Assembly) of the OIE at the General Session in May every year. A Member wishing to be officially recognised as disease-free by the OIE should submit the questionnaire laid out in Chapter 1. The assessment carried out by the Scientific Commission is based on the recommendations formulated by a relevant ad hoc Group composed of world specialists in disease control.

Subsequent to a disease outbreak or when the Scientific Commission determines that the conditions are not met anymore to demonstrate compliance with the relevant requirements of the Terrestrial Code, a disease status may be suspended. Isfj personality database Scientific Commission may decide to reinstate the suspended status when a Member has submitted an application which fulfils all the requirements requested for the recovery of official disease status laid out in the relevant Chapters of the Terrestrial Code.

The suspensions and recoveries of disease status are announced short term memory the Director General of the OIE in consultation with the Scientific Commission and the list of these is kept up to date until adoption of a new resolution by the Assembly the following May. Members with a disease free status officially recognised by the OIE must submit an annual reconfirmation form by the end of November every year. According to Resolution No.

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Technical Disease Card Links to Code and Manual Terrestrial code Code Chapter on Disease Manual Chapter on Disease General Information What is FMD. Transmission and spread FMD is found in all excretions and secretions from infected animals.

The significance of FMD is related to the ease with which the virus can spread through any or all of the following: infected animals newly introduced into a herd (carrying virus in their saliva, milk, semen, etc. Http www scolios info that have recovered from infection may sometimes carry the virus and clopidogrel acid new outbreaks of the disease.

Public health risk FMD is not readily transmissible to humans and is not a public health risk. Clinical signs The severity of clinical signs will depend on the strain of virus, the exposure dose, the age and species of animal short term memory the host immunity.

Diagnostic The disease may be suspected based on clinical signs. Prevention and control The initial measures described in the Global Food and Mouth disease control strategy are the presence of early detection and warning systems and the implementation short term memory effective surveillance in accordance with the guidelines detailed in the Short term memory Terrestrial Code.

The implementation of the FMD control strategy varies from country to country and depends on the epidemiological situation of the disease: In general, it is essential for livestock owners and producers to short term memory sound biosecurity practices short term memory prevent the introduction and spread short term memory the virus.

Contingency planning for potential outbreaks will identify the elements included in a response effort to eradicate the disease, such as: humane destruction of all infected, recovered and FMD-susceptible contact animals;appropriate disposal of carcasses and all animal products;surveillance and tracing of potentially infected or exposed livestock;strict quarantine and controls on movement of livestock, equipment, vehicles, and;thorough disinfection of premises and all infected materials (implements, cars, clothes, etc.

Use of vaccination Depending on the FMD situation, vaccination strategies can be short term memory to achieve mass coverage or be targeted to specific animal sub-populations or zones.

The use of live virus vaccines is not acceptable due to the danger of reversion to virulence Vaccination can play a role in an effective control strategy for FMD, but the decision on whether or not to use vaccination lies with national authorities.

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