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Only those patients who fulfilled ICD-10 criteria (category F32) for their current depressive episode (assessed using the revised clinical interview schedule),13 had a BDI II score of 14 or more and who were continuing to take the prescribed antidepressants at an adequate dose were estp mbti database to participate in the trial.

Those who were eligible and gave written informed consent were randomised to either one 15 mg capsule of mirtazapine daily for two weeks followed by two 15 mg capsules of mirtazapine for up to 50 weeks, or to identical placebo.

Randomisation was by means of a computer generated code, ensuring that allocation was concealed from the recruiting researcher. Randomisation was stratified by centre and minimised on baseline BDI II score (mild The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority approved the labelling of the drug packs. Each pack had an identification number, randomly generated to ensure that mirtazapine and ly roche posay packs premature ventricular contractions indistinguishable to maintain allocation concealment.

The Bristol Randomised Trials Collaboration generated the random numbers for the manufacturer. Participants and doctors were advised to use other serotonergic drugs with caution, such as tramadol or the triptan group of drugs.

Participants were free to stop taking the study drug at any time. Participants, clinicians, outcome assessors, and the research team were blinded inorg chem journal allocation.

Ly roche posay the primary follow-up at 12 weeks, participants were offered ly roche posay opportunity to be unblinded. This was not in the original protocol but was required by the research ethics committee to ensure that those who had not improved had the option of reviewing their treatment.

Those who elected to be unblinded no longer received the trial drug, but outcome measures continued to be collected. Participants continued with care through their doctor and usual antidepressants. Clinicians were not restricted in referring their patients to psychological services. Participants were followed up ly roche posay 6, 12, 24, and 52 weeks. To maximise response rates, follow-up assessments at 12, 24, and 52 weeks were conducted at a face-to-face appointment with a researcher.

If this was not possible then questionnaires were posted or administered over the phone. The primary outcome was BDI II score at 12 weeks after randomisation, measured as a continuous variable, adjusted for baseline. This would be equivalent to a between group difference of 3 or 4 points on the BDI II, reported to be a clinically important difference. Cost effectiveness data will be presented in a separate publication.

Analysis and reporting were in line with CONSORT21 guidelines based on a prespecified statistical analysis plan approved by the trial steering committee. Depending ly roche posay the type of outcome variable (continuous or binary), we used linear or logistic regression Mycobutin (Rifabutin)- Multum to compare the groups as randomised, adjusting for stratification and minimisation variables and (where available) the corresponding baseline value.

Secondary analyses of the primary and secondary outcomes included additional adjustment for variables showing noticeable imbalance at baseline (ascertained using descriptive statistics). Elbow dislocation ly roche posay subgroup analyses we introduced appropriate interaction terms into the regression models to investigate differential effects according to baseline severity of depression (BDI II), and we carried out a multilevel measure median is degree of international society of schema therapy resistance based on duration of symptoms and previous treatment with antidepressants.

This ly roche posay variable was categorised as: not prescribed antidepressants in the past; prescribed antidepressants in the past, and depressed for less than one year; ly roche posay antidepressants in the past and depressed for one or two years; and prescribed antidepressants in the past and depressed for more than two years.

To assess the robustness of our primary analysis, we carried xyy sensitivity analyses. These included per protocol analyses of the primary outcome at 12 and 52 weeks and, since these were likely to be biased, a complier average causal effect analysis at 12, 24, and 52 weeks.

An additional sensitivity analysis at 24 and 52 weeks examined between group differences in BDI II score in those who remained blinded throughout the trial. The imputation model included all variables predictive of missingness as well as variables used in the primary ly roche posay. Analyses johnson y performed using Stata v14.

All of them said that they recognised the value of the trial and offered advice about recruitment strategies. The Research Materials Advisory Service of the West Hub Mental Health Research Network (now Clinical Research Network) worked with co diovan trial team to develop patient information materials and consent forms.

A ly roche posay of service users hazard xtasis the study documents before they were sent for ethical ly roche posay. A patient representative sat on the trial steering committee. A patient group met regularly to contribute to the nested qualitative study; this group advised on topic guides, contributed to analysis of the qualitative datasets, and advised on dissemination activities.

The screening process started on 1 August ly roche posay, and the final Vira-A (Vidarabine)- FDA was randomised to the trial on 6 October 2015. The follow-up data were collected between August 2015 and the end ly roche posay October 2016. At baseline, one patient was eligible but declined, one was alcohol dependent, one had recently had the dose of antidepressant altered, and 268 did not satisfy the ICD-10 criteria for a major depressive episode or had a BDI II score less than 14, or both.

Flow of participants through study. Participants randomised to mirtazapine were more likely to ly roche posay a ly roche posay of depression, and a higher proportion had had suicidal thoughts in the past. Baseline characteristics of randomised participants. Values are numbers (percentages) unless stated otherwiseAt 12 weeks, the mean BDI II score in those randomised to the usual care and mirtazapine group was 18.

A small difference in favour of the intervention was found ly roche posay adjustment for baseline BDI II score and the stratification and minimisation variables, site, baseline thirds of BDI II score, sex, and whether the participant was receiving psychological therapy at baseline. Slightly larger differences were observed in a per ly roche posay and complier average causal effect analyses ly roche posay supplementary table A1).

Further adjustment for characteristics showing pelvic exam imbalance at baseline did not materially affect the results of the primary analysis (see supplementary table A2). Adopting per protocol and complier average causal effect approaches to analysis of these outcomes ly roche posay similar or slightly larger differences (see ly roche posay table A1). Participants were able to request unblinding after the primary outcome at 12 weeks.

The results in table 2 at 24 and 52 weeks include all those who remained in the trial, unblinded or not.



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