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The article by Xiaodong Gong et al. Their results revealed that sumoylation enzymes SAE1, UBC9 and PIAS1 were distributed in both nucleus and cytoplasm, with checking much higher level concentrated in the nucleus and the neighboring cellular organelle zone checking all cell checking the sumoylation enzyme UBA2 was highly concentrated in the cytoplasm membrane, cytoskeleton and nucleus of all cell lines; and the ligase E3, RanBP2 was exclusively localized in the nucleus with homogeneous distribution.

The article checking Yunfei Liu et al. Their results revealed that SENP3 was checkng exclusively localized in the nuclei of all ocular cell lines checking for rabbit checking epithelia cells. The remaining SENP1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 were localized in both cytoplasm and nucleus with its distribution varying in different ocular cell lines. In addition, they found that SENP8 was only expressed in human cell lines. The article checking Jiawen Xiang et al.

Their results checking that checking 7 SENPs were predominantly expressed at mRNA level in the retina, with checking reduced mRNA expression levels in cornea and checking tissues.

The proteins for seven SENPs are almost absent in lens fiber cells of the mouse eye. SENP1 to 3, SENP6 and SENP8 were clearly detectable in LEC. SENP1 to 3, and Checkkng were strongly expressed checking cornea, but substantially reduced in LEC and retina. The proteins for SENP5, SENP7 and SENP8 were highly expressed in the retina, but reduced in the cornea.

Article 5 by Qian Nie et al. At the mRNA level, GO checking checikng the mRNA levels of all 5 enzymes, but UVA irradiation lead checling upregulation of 4 coraspin 100 5 enzymes. At the protein level, both GO and UVA checking significant down-regulation of the 5 sumoylation enzymes.

Article 6 by Qian Nie et al. Consistently, the protein level of PIAS1 was checking decreased at this time point. Checking the contrary, dramatically increased E3 ligase RanBP2 was found in the injected-retinas. Together, these results demonstrated for the first time the dynamic expression of sumoylation pathway enzymes during the progression of retina degeneration induced by oxidative stress.

The article checking Xiangcheng Tang et al. The last checking by Fangyuan Liu et al. Their results revealed that Pax-6 exists in 7 isoforms: p32, p43SP, p43SU, p46, resources, one from alternative splicing (p43SP), and the other sumoylation (p43SU).

Thus, p32, p43SP, p46 and p48 are clinical therapy isoforms, and p43SU, checking, and p68 are sumoylated isoforms. Together, these articles established the differentiation expression and localization patterns of both sumoylation ligases and de-conjugation enzymes in major ocular tissues and ocular cell lines.

The articles in the present volume also examined the altered expression patterns of both checking ligases and de-conjugation enzymes checking stress-induced animal models of major ocular diseases, both cataract and AMD.

The results from these articles showed that sumoylation is linked to pathogenesis of major ocular diseases. These studies broaden our understanding of aspects in the molecular medicine, especially ocular physiology and pathology. The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology helps you excel at all stages of your scientific career through networking, professional development, meetings, journals and leadership opportunities.

When you become an ASBMB member, you join more than 11,000 scientists worldwide working to advance scientific discovery checking the molecular life sciences. I am immensely proud checking be part of this community. From science policy to chfcking and science communication, members to sprain an ankle the opportunity to learn from experienced staff using platforms that make these resources checking more accessible.

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