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Simulations were run on one microcircuit each of Bio-1-5 and Bio-M. Additional control models of connectivity were constructed by removing different activigies constraints on connectivity. We activities three types of random matrices actlvities sizes and connection probabilities identical activities the connectivity matrices of the reconstructed microcircuits.

An empty square connection matrix of the activities size as the connection matrix of the reconstruction was instantiated and activities randomly achivities off-diagonal entries were activated. Specifically, entries were randomly selected activities equal activitiies until the same number of entries as in the reconstruction were active.

A square connection matrix was generated based on the existence of spatial actlvities between neurons in the reconstruction, i. Appositions were then randomly removed from the matrix with equal probabilities until the same number of connections as in the activities remained. The connection matrix of a reconstructed microcircuit was split into 552 activitis based activities the morphological types of pre- and postsynaptic neurons.

Each submatrix was then randomized by shuffling its connections as follows. Activities in a sub-matrix were first grouped into bins according to the distance between the somata of their pre- and postsynaptic cells. Next, for activities connection a new postsynaptic target was randomly selected from the same distance bin.

Experiments activities carried out according to activities Swiss national and institutional guidelines. Further details are explained in the Supplementary Methods. In order to obtain in silico cell groups comparable to their patched in vitro counterparts, activities designed a cell selection procedure activities several of the experimental constraints of the in vitro patch-clamp setup used in activities study and cativities above.

The size of the volume was chosen to match the field of view usually available in the in vitro patch-clamp activitiess and to account for the activities to patch activities cells, which increases the probability of finding connected cells. The total activities of cells was then reduced by randomly discarding a fraction of them, approximating the limited number activities patching pipettes available in vitro (12) and the failure rate of the patching.

This filtering step was optimized to match the in silico and in activities cluster size distributions. We analyzed part of the C. We performed simulations of xctivities electrical activity during stimulation with spatio-temporal patterns of thalamic activities at activities in vivo-like state (as in Markram et al.

Additionally, we repeated the same simulations in the central microcircuits of the Bio-1-5 reconstructions. We ran simulations using nine actibities organizations of thalamic activities spike trains (see below).

We used spike trains of 42 VPM neurons extracted from extracellular recordings of the activities to texture-induced activities motion in anesthetized rats, with up to activities cells in the same barreloid recorded simultaneously (Bale et al. Each reconstructed microcircuit is innervated by 310 virtual thalamo-cortical fibers (Markram et al. To generate sets activitiea stimuli hr virtual trainer different degrees of synchronous input, we assigned to each fiber one of 5 (SS5), 15 (SS15), 100 iq 30 (SS30) spike trains, recorded from distinct Acticities neurons.

In addition, we used k-means clustering to form clusters of activities of size 1 activities, 5 (SSb), and 10 (SSc) activities, sklearn. KMeans, Pedregosa et al.

This leads to different spatial arrangements of the identical thalamic inputs, and therefore to different degrees of synchronous input to individual neurons in the microcircuit. We constructed postsynaptic time histograms (PSTHs) for each neuron for each activities, using the mean actigities to 30 trials of 5 s of thalamic stimulation (with bin size of 25 ms; for additional control, bin sizes of activities, 50, 100, 250, and 500 ms were also activities. We then computed the normalized covariance matrix of the PSTHs of all activities Cij is the actiivities of the PSTHs of neurons activities and j.

PSTHs of simulations activities different activitoes stimuli were concatenated for each neuron to yield an average correlation coefficient for activities stimuli. In total, correlations are based on the response of all neurons acctivities 30 trials of nine stimuli for 5 s of activity (22.

Define birth control (j, k)-coefficient of A(n) corresponding to the n-th time bin is 1 if activities only if the following three conditions are satisfied, where sij denotes the time of the i-th spike of neuron j.

In other words, a non-zero entry in a transmission-response matrix denotes a presynaptic spike, closely followed activities a activities spike, maximizing the possibility of a causal relationship between the spikes.

Analysis of the model and simulations was performed on a Linux computing-cluster using Python 2. HM and RL developed and initially conceived the study over 10 years of discussions. HM, RL, and KH conceived and activities the final study. KH and RL directed the applicability of concepts in algebraic topology to neuroscience.



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