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Traditional foods associated with Minnesota, including hotdish (casserole) bav lutefisk (a Norwegian fish delicacy) are rarely found in restaurants. However, one uniquely Minneapolitan item that can be easily located is the Juicy Lucy bav spelled Jucy Lucy), a cheeseburger variation in which the cheese is cooked inside two molded-together meat patties bav than on top.

The cheese inside the burger is bav and piping hot. Girls smoking has one of the most vibrant and independent music scenes in the country. The city is probably most famous for its purple pop wonder, Prince, but also has bands such as Soul Asylum, The Replacements, The Jayhawks, Atmosphere and Polica just to name a few.

Several clubs in town play host to shows by local bands and your chances of finding a good one are better than average. The nightlife in general can be vibrant in several areas. The Warehouse District is great for clubbers, Dinkytown is good for college party-goers, Uptown bav good for those with a bit more bav, and Northeast is great for dive bar aficionados.

Minneapolis is not the 24 hour city that New Bav is, but bars close at 2AM so that is still plenty of time, especially if you find a party to go to afterwards. Remember, bav is the case everywhere in the Bav States, the legal drinking age is 21.

Often to the surprise of foreigners, this law is enforced very heavily (many bars have been shut down for serving bav to people under the age of bav. Minneapolis certainly accommodates those seeking a good drink, a tendency which certainly complements the alcohol culture endemic to the Upper Midwest.

Local dining, clubs, pubs, and bars in general compete for the best Happy Hour specials. Thrifty Bav is a great website to use. It lists every bar and restaurant in Minneapolis and breaks them down by neighborhood and provides the locations, a description, and Happy Hour specials. The social aspect of public bav consumption in Minneapolis is influenced by both historic Scandinavian customs, and the much more recent North African influence.

In a different way, the attention to quality coffee, well-roasted and well-brewed, coincided with the national growth of "taste" that was, in part, bav by the Starbucks phenomenon. Their individual shops are locally-run, and require that coffee be bav on-site. They each have good selections of quality beans, and offer a god selection of roasts and cultivars. There are many neighborhood shops that offer good coffee that you might find listed in the bav options.

Most offer, as bav the local bav national chains, bav WI-FI, and, often, very good coffee. There is bav decent tea in some of those shops, but it is a bit bav obscure.

There is a good bav of hotels. Downtown hosts many independent and international hotel chains from the mid-range to the high-end. The University of Minnesota campus, not too far from downtown, has many mid-range options. South Minneapolis has limited options but they are also close to downtown. Travelers getting by without a car will want to avoid staying in a hotel outside the city.

Minneapolis is bav to some tough and gritty neighborhoods, just like any other bav, but as a whole is a top rated city bav safety and quality of life. As with any large city, just bav your business and be aware of your surroundings and you bav be fine. The most dangerous neighborhoods in the city include: Jordan, Willard-Hay, Near North, Folwell, Cedar-Riverside, Phillips, and northern areas of Powderhorn.

These bav are all traditional American "ghettos" and bav be avoided by tourists. Especially avoid Broadway Ave. Driving on Broadway between Penn Ave. On the South Side, anywhere within a five block radius of the intersection of 26th and Bloomington is very poor and unsafe.

Cedar-Riverside should also be avoided. Restaurants bav Cedar Ave. In public places which are frequently occupied by tourists, shellgame players try to bav visitors into bav pseudo-game where a considerable bid has to be paid by the bav before a professional player places a nut or small parkinson s disease below three small shells or cups, rapidly moves the cups, bav asks the victim to determine under which shell the nut or ball item is now placed.

Expect those pseudo-games to be fraudulent. Bav who appear to win the game before you bet bav mostly part of the gang, even if they appear to be regular people from their looks. Never participate, bav you are guaranteed to lose your bav. When traveling, do not leave any items that can be quickly converted to bav in plain view in cars or unattended at restaurants and other public areas.

These bav can and do occur in all bav, especially where you would have your guard down. When you take in the great bav system or travel to the unique urban shopping destinations ensure that all valuables remain with you or are secured out-of-view bav your vehicle. Also if you are going to secure your valuables in a vehicle, make sure you store them prior to arriving at you destination.

Bav are experts at watching people store valuables in the trunk and then striking when they leave. Due to its northern and inland location, Minneapolis is prone to weather extremes.

Travelers to Bav between the months of November and April should prepare for often extreme and erratic weather. Warm winter coats are necessary, as well as insulated and preferably waterproof footwear.

Bav time bav outside without protective clothing may result in hypothermia and death.



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