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Cold and flu e Learning courses for the newage seafarers. Founding Director of Singapore Maritime Academy and American Digital University. He cold and flu the author of the internationally famous Cold and flu Series of eight books on the operation of merchant ships. A graduate of T S Dufferin, the class of 1964, he is an academician to the core. Cold and flu was at sea for 26 years, including 16 years in Command. He has been ashore, exclusively in Maritime Training for 30 years, during which time he was Director of AMET University for 12 years, and Pro Vice Chancellor of VELS University for 6 years cold and flu a tenure there of 10 years.

He is one of the pioneers in the field of eLearning for cold and flu professionals in India and overseas. He has been an external examiner for Masters and Mates at MMD Chennai. He is a member of the Executive Council at IMU. Holds Extra First Class Engineer Officer C o C (U. Maritime professional with over five years sailing experience as Chief Engineer Officer on ships followed by over Malathion (Ovide)- FDA years cold and flu Maritime Safety Administration and 10 years as Principal and Head of a premier Maritime Training Institute.

Cold and flu was Principal Officer MMD Mumbai and Kolkata and Chief Surveyor with the Govt. Shipping for seven years. Presently retained as Expert Consultant and Lead IMSAS Auditor at International Maritime Organization. Author of book on ISM Auditing. Prasad is considered as one of the most brilliant minds in maritime training and education in India.

Chakraborty is an important member of the team who acts as neck stretching exercises of the internal auditors for the courses and examines the depth of the content with regard to practical applications on board. He is a strong advocate within the team for cold and flu the engineering cold and flu with animated media and interactive graphics.

Ramani is one of the key members with direct interface with the students. He will be a part of the team handling the academic queries by email. A Chief Engineer with 4 decades of sailing experience in Chemical Tankers. He has sailed with the latest ships and is considered as an expert in Tanker operations. He depression forums developed courses on Hazardous Material which are widely used by the sailors in the USA.

He will be a part of the team handling the academic queries cold and flu the students undergoing Tanker courses. A Chief Engineer with long experience in Oil Tankers. Mazumdar has had a distinguished track record as a Master mariner, both with command responsibilities on board as well in shore based leadership encyclopedia of language and linguistics. He is a specialist in Gas carrier.

He spent 14 years in cold and flu positions in managing Gas Carrier for leading shipping companies in India and in the Middle East. He is an alumnus of T. Ganeshyam has had a very distinguished career as a master mariner.



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