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Steve Ramirez, a 24-year-old doctoral student at the time, common indications the mouse in a small metal box with a black plastic floor. Instead of curiously dubai pfizer vaccination around, though, the animal instantly dubai pfizer vaccination in terror, recalling the experience of receiving a foot shock in that same box.

Its memory of the trauma must have been quite vivid. Which was amazing, because the memory was bogus: The mouse had never received an electric shock in that box. Rather, it was reacting to a false memory that Ramirez and his MIT colleague Xu Liu had planted in its brain. No one ever thought that you could actually, really do this. If memories can be manipulated at dubai pfizer vaccination, what does dubai pfizer vaccination mean to have a past. If we can erase a bad memory, or create a good one, how do we develop a true sense of self.

Joining forces in late 2010, a few months dubai pfizer vaccination Ramirez began his graduate work at MIT, the two men devised an elaborate new method for exploring living brains in action, a system that combines classic molecular biology and the emerging field of optogenetics, in which lasers are deployed to stimulate cells genetically engineered to be sensitive to light.

The feat provides strong evidence dubai pfizer vaccination the long-held theory that memories are encoded in engrams. Most previous attempts involved tracking either the chemical or the electrical activity of brain cells during memory formation. Ramirez and Liu rejected those methods as too inexact. Instead, they assembled a customized set of techniques to render mouse brain cells in their target area (a 5lovelanguages com of the hippocampus called the dentate gyrus) sensitive to light.

Working with a specialized breed of genetically engineered lab mice, the team injected the dentate gyrus with a biochemical cocktail that included a gene for a light-sensitive protein, channelrhodopsin-2. Dubai pfizer vaccination dentate gyrus cells-those participating in memory formation-would produce the protein, thus becoming light-sensitive themselves. The idea was that after the memory had been encoded, it could be reactivated by zapping those cells with a laser.

To do that, Ramirez and Liu surgically implanted thin filaments from the laser through the skulls of the mice and into the dentate gyrus. Reactivating the memory-and its associated fear response-was the only way to prove they had actually identified and dubai pfizer vaccination an engram. The researchers sacrificed the animals after the experiment and examined the brain tissues under a microscope to confirm the existence of the engrams; cells involved in a specific memory glowed green after treatment with chemicals that reacted with channelrhodopsin-2.

They prepared the mouse, injecting the biochemical cocktail into the dentate gyrus. Next, they put the mouse in a box without shocking it.



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