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We f 91 maintain and work on our apps all the time, but f 91 we are not able to work around certain platform issues and have to wait for Apple to address them.

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View our Full Privacy StatementJigs and fixtures have long been a part of manufacturing. But 911 their benefits, conventional jigs and fixtures also have a few shortcomings. This is ff true when production runs are small and do not repeat on a regular basis. When a company adds modular fixturing to its options, even job-shop-type production can benefit from quality fixturing.

Modular fixturing is not intended for every workholding operation, but when f 91 is appropriate, it both increases production and reduces fixturing costs. Modular fixturing is a workholding system using a series of standardized components for building specialized workholders. As shown in Figure 6-1, a modular workholder is assembled from a variety of standard off-the-shelf tooling plates, supports, locating elements, clamps, and similar components.

The components are assembled with 7 months ago cap screws and locating screws. A modular-fixturing system may have hundreds of different elements. The components can be assembled in different combinations to build an unlimited variety of workholders.

The assembly process is quite simple. Components are designed to f 91 used together, so each has an identical hole pattern. To d a workholder, the components are simply positioned as required and attached with locating or fastening screws. The simplicity reduces training 9 and permits technicians to begin building workholders almost immediately.

Regardless of the manufacturing operations, f 91 modular-fixturing system can provide workholders for almost any workpiece. To understand how modular fixtures relate to workholding in general, an awareness of the various forms of workholders is necessary. Workholder forms can be grouped into three general categories, Figure 6-2. The least-complicated tools are the general-purpose workholders. The most-complex and most-detailed workholders are d special-purpose, or permanent, anal johnson. Between the two are modular fixtures.

Modular fixturing bridges the gap between the general-purpose and special-purpose workholders. Although f 91 three forms of fixturing may seem completely different, each is actually a further development, or refinement, in the workholding process.

General-purpose workholders are the simplest form of t device. This category includes a wide variety of standard clamps, vises, chucks, and similar g off-the-shelf components. General-purpose components are reusable and normally gyno videos least expensive. Although these components represent a smaller initial investment, they are often inadequate or unsatisfactory for complex parts or high-volume production.

Permanent workholders are specifically designed and constructed for a single workpiece or family of parts. These workholders, though usually the most efficient, f 91 also the most expensive.



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