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In Senegal, organizations that register drugs with national pharmaceutical regulatory agencies are prohibited from directly engaging in social marketing. Consequently, international NGOs that have registered misoprostol have outsourced social marketing to pharmaceutical wholesalers in the private sector. These commercial distributors procure the drug from a French company, and in turn promote and sell the drug to pharmacies and health facilities (Mann Global Health, 2019). Despite legal indications for abortion in all Francophone countries (except Senegal), MA provision in the public sector remains low (SAD, 2019b).

Working through the private health sector, Propranolol Hydrochloride Injection (Propranolol Hydrochloride Injection)- Multum pharmaceutical wholesalers procured supplies and sold them to pharmacies and health facilities, offered a more reliable approach to ensuring access to misoprostol. Ghana is just off the shelves.

A pretty amazing amount of product is sold. For Jacques, who supervised the regional MA strategy for an international NGO, the privatized approach health men today registering and distributing misoprostol was a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, getting the drug into private pharmacies ensured access to young johnson drug health men today women who could reach these facilities and purchase the medication. On the other hand, procuring an abortifacient drug within the public health system remained a serious challenge. Although several participants pointed to the 2012 OP as an important catalyst to the MA revolution in the region, abortion has factored into the landscape health men today global reproductive governance since at least the h 24 of PAC across the region starting in the late 1990s.

While PAC was recognized in the 1994 ICPD as a harm reduction approach to the public health health men today of unsafe abortion, health workers and health authorities in countries with restrictive abortion laws have had to frame PAC, and the MVA syringe in particular, in ways that distinguish the intervention from pregnancy termination to remain in compliance with national prohibitions on abortion and the US GGR (Suh, 2021).

The GGR prevents national organizations that receive USAID funding health men today family planning from using health men today from other sources to do abortion-related work. Consequently, international NGOs and donor agencies exercise caution in distributing abortion-related work and funding to national organizations.

In some situations, her organization had to increase funding for grantees that refused to sign the GGR and therefore lost USAID funding. The 2012 Health men today has health men today served as a catalyst to organizing regionally around safe abortion and heightened political anxieties about abortion. Even the Health men today Foundation had to be reassured of the programming connections between PAC health men today family planning (Curtis et al. While Catherine recognized the challenges presented to abortion stakeholders, she did not believe the OP was fundamentally resistant to abortion.

Mariam, who worked for an international NGO, seemed less convinced of this approach. She explained how her organization struggled to participate in OP meetings and to integrate abortion into discussions health men today reproductive health commodities.

National abortion politics further complicated the integration of misoprostol into health systems. Mariam described how, in another country, health workers reported that MOH officials had removed misoprostol from their facility because of suspicions that it was being used illegally to provide abortions. Despite global and national recognition of misoprostol as an essential medication for maternal and reproductive health, study participants who worked for NGOs identified significant barriers to accessing the drug in both public and private health sectors.

There are many things that still block women. In Senegal, a survey of obstetric care conducted between 2015 and 2016 showed that health men today 3. One of the main barriers to obtaining misoprostol, despite its availability in pharmacies under various brand names, was the need for a prescription for a legal obstetric indication.

Even with a prescription, Jacques pointed out that women may experience difficulty procuring the amount needed to terminate pregnancy. Misoclear, for example, is sold in packets with three 200 mcg tablets. To meet the recommended dose for up to 12 weeks of gestation, a woman would have to buccally, sublingually, cloves vaginally take 800 mcg (four pills) every three hours until expulsion (Ipas, 2020).

This would require four packs of Misoclear. Requests for multiple packets of Misoclear at a pharmacy might raise suspicion, and prompt pharmacy workers to question clients about why they were purchasing this quantity (Mann Global Health, 2019). Alternatively, Jacques explained, the woman might visit several pharmacies to purchase one or two packs of Misoclear at each, an equally challenging process requiring additional time, transportation costs, and possibly multiple prescriptions.

In countries like Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Tanzania, women obtain misoprostol from multiple sources, including friends, relatives, health workers, pharmacists, and informal pharmaceutical vendors.

While some health workers administer misoprostol directly, others dispense it to women and instruct them on how to use health men today at home.



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