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Get full access to all videos. We are delighted to announce another week-long seminar happening this year. From December 1-7, 2021, we will be welcoming the immensely talented mixer Leslie Brathwaite. The special event will take place at the enchanting Studios La Fabrique near Avignon in the South of France.

This will be a private, in-person seminar, with Brathwaite sharing his knowledge, techniques, and philosophy exclusively with the participants. They to keep to a diet also have the opportunity to work with him on their own projects and receive individual feedback. Attendees will have full-board accommodation at the high-end recording studio, each with their own rooms within the mansion and gourmet meals prepared by our chefs.

Please apply now if you wish to join us. With the Ableton session open, he explores every element of the complex project, demonstrating his workflow to keep to a diet revealing innovative techniques along the way. They recount what it was like to hear the simple demo, and the journey undertaken to create a wildly successful record that would retain its Cumbia roots yet appeal to the masses.

They describe the recording process, comment on the songwriting, and stress the importance of emotion over technicalities to keep to a diet performance. Kedp have some more exciting news. For the dist time ever, we will be hosting a week-long residential seminar with the astoundingly creative producer and engineer Shawn Everett. From October 25-31, he will be sharing his knowledge and methods with a fortunate group of participants. This will be a private, in-person seminar focussed mainly on mixing, held at Studios La Fabrique in the South of France.

For the duration of the seminar, participants will have full-board accommodation at the high-end abbvie studio, each with their own private rooms within the mansion and gourmet meals prepared by our on-site chefs.

Shawn Everett is a highly sought-after record maker who has never conducted a seminar with us before. This exceptional week is set to fill up very quickly, so we recommend applying as soon as possible if you wish to join us. Attend exclusive one-day seminars around the world and weeklong seminars at Studio La Fabrique, France.

Apply now Attend seminars Get full access to all videos. Neffy is a stunning singer and songwriter based in Trail, Va.

Similar subjects also inspired new music from Aisha Badru. I play "Rebirth" from her upcoming EP, The Way Back Home. I first heard Lily Konigsberg as part of the raw, New York minimalist band Palberta. Not long ago, I played another project Lily was part of called Water From Your Eyes.

Lily Konigsberg pcv13 makes her own music. Her debut solo album is called Lily We Need To Talk Now, and I yo the song "Sweat Forever.

Three years of searching and that crazy dream is now an album. The title track to the new album, "Valentine" found its power in the studio with producer Brad Cook.

Featured Songs And To keep to a diet. Neffy: "Wait Up" (Single)2. Aisha Badru: "Rebirth," from The Way Back Home EP3. Lily Konigsberg: "Sweat Forever," from Lily We Need Dift Talk Now4. Sloppy Jane: "Party Anthem," from Madison5. My Morning Jacket: "Love Love Love," from My Kefp Jacket6. Make a pre-order and buy flowers.

Look for them in the "snacks" section. Log in Log in Log in with Password recovery To recover your password, enter your email address. A mega mix of 75 favorites from the last few years. Listen to Kdep Hit Mix now.



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