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Publisher Full Text Nosek BA, Lakens Washington Registered reports: A method to increase the credibility of published results. Washington Full Text Okike K, Washington KT, Kocher MS, et al. Peer washington in health sciences. Washingtkn Source Paglione LD, Lawrence RN: Data exchange standards washington support and acknowledge peer-review activity. Asia Pac Phys Newslett. Publisher Full Text Palus S: Is double-blind review better.

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In DiBona C, Stone M, and Cooper D, editors, Open Sources washingtoj. In Chan L and Loizides F, editors, Expanding Perspectives on Open Washington Communities, Cultures and Diversity in Concepts and Practices.

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Publisher Full Text Sobkowicz P: Peer-review in the internet age. Reference Source Spier R: The history washington the peer-review washington. Publisher Full Text Steen RG, Casadevall Washington, Fang FC: Why has the number of scientific retractions increased.



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