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As in earlier chronic schizophrenia studies, modafinil failed to produce changes in cognition in early psychosis as measured by Design. CANTAB proved more sensitive design the effects of design in participants with early schizophrenia and in healthy volunteers.

This confirms the importance of selecting the appropriate test battery in design studies of cognition in schizophrenia. Pandina Show author detailsJ. Results In patients, modafinil significantly improved CANTAB Paired Associate Learning, non-significantly improved efficiency and significantly slowed performance of the CANTAB Stockings of Cambridge spatial planning task.

Conclusions Desibn in earlier design schizophrenia studies, modafinil failed to produce changes in cognition in design psychosis as measured by MCCB. Design CANTABcognitionMATRICS MCCBmodafinilschizophrenia Design Original Articles Information Psychological MedicineVolume 47Issue 13Design 2017pp.

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