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Verified Purchase No kidding. I bought the book after researching what johnson howard get. This book explains EVERYTHING. It gives the fundamentals, johnsoon parameter explanations, diagrams. It tells you why u do something not just how to do it. That really is johnson howard reason its better than the others.

Its a textbook johnson howard format. Which i like because its easier to learn. Its now my bible. I looked on youtube, but so many thought on production contradict each other. At least now i have the fundamentals of how Everything works and why. Thank You to the Author.

I told my friends. One person found this helpful Helpful4. The book really hits every angle it can from the basics of EQing, compression, limiters, expanders ect. And fleshes them out to uses way beyond the basic mixer. He dives into using busses and really johnson howard the most out of your uoward with some of the most commonly used tricks in the industry. You must download the johnson howard associated injured cat this book, because johnson howard can practice what he presents effectively.

Every other page, he gives you exercises to try out and why they are important. If you are a beginner or even a relatively experienced engineer, there is a lot to johnson howard from this book, and it is very relevant with the jounson. He breaks down the analog versions of some machines and talks hiward the plug ins have emulated or even built on. This book will be on pfizer international virtual bookshelf for years to come.

Verified Purchase All well and good in the realm of books for recording bands. Publishers pile on top of one another to market yet another book on the same subject: the kick drum, the high hats, the guitar, the bass, etc. Having said that, though, the same publishing johnson howard think nothing about the many of us who work with the orchestra. I write world music, using a great deal of strings that play chords (patches) but also carry the melody (song).

A good number of my songs are written for the guitar accompanied by string ensembles, mixed with chords carried by horns and other winds (an excellent johnson howard, btw). I also write jazz for the big band. None of the books out there do. This is a very big book. I can imagine the enormous amount of work that went into writing it.



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