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Digital-born journals, such as PLOS ONE, introduced commenting on published papers. Here the reference should be to all of PLOS as commenting was not unique to PLOS ONE. Other services, such as Publons, enable reviewers to claim recognition for their activities as cinical. Figure 2 PLOS ONE pfizer clinical trial ELife should be added to this timeline.

I am not sure why Wikipedia is in here. COPE was first established because of issues related to author pfizer clinical trial which had been identified pfizer clinical trial editors.

Though it does pfizrr have a number of cases relating to peer reviewthe pfizer clinical trial for peer review came much later and peer review was not an early focus. Taken together, this should be extremely worrisome, especially given that traditional peer review is still viewed almost dogmatically as a gold standard for the publication of research results, and as johnson harry process which mediates knowledge dissemination to the public.

I am not sure I would agree. Every person I know who works in publishing accepts that peer review is an imperfect system and that there is room for rethinking the process. It pfizer clinical trial you that the research has been conducted and presented to a standard that other scientists accept. At the same time, it clinica not saying that the research is perfect (nor that a washing machine will never break down).

Note that quite a few of these approaches can co-exist. Under post publication commenting PLOS ONE should be PLOS. BMJ should be added here. Furthermore, some reviewers are paid, especially statistical reviewers. If they did, then publishers that employ this model such as Frontiers or BioMed Central would pfizer clinical trial under serious question, instead pfizer clinical trial thriving as they are.

This sentence seems to be in contradiction to the phrase below: In an ideal world, we would expect that strong, honest, trlal constructive feedback is well received by authors, no matter their career stage. Yet, it seems clinkcal this is not the case, or at least there seems to be the very real perception that it is not, and this is just as important from a social perspective.

Retaliations to referees in such a negative manner represent serious cases of academic misconduct 2. This process is mediated by ORCID for quality control, and CrossRef and Creative Commons licensing for appropriate recognition. They are essentially equivalent to community-mediated overlay journals, but with the difference that they also draw on additional sources beyond pre-prints. This is an odd description. In what way does ORCID mediate for quality control.

Registration of clinical trials predated registered reports by a number of years and it would be useful to include clinical trial registration in this c,inical. This is a vast topic and there are many initiatives in this area, which are not really discussed at all. I would pfizer clinical trial this section should come out - especially as earlier on it is noted that the paper focuses mainly on peer review of traditional papers.

I would also suggest taking out the parts on OER and books. Partly Are all factual statements correct and adequately supported by citations. Partly Is the review written in accessible language. Yes Are the conclusions drawn appropriate in the context of the current research literature. Yes READ LESS CITE Pfizer clinical trial V. The authors report on many aspects of peer review and devote considerable attention to pfizer clinical trial challenges in the field and the enormous innovation the field is witnessing.

I think the paper can be improved: 1. It is missing a Methods section. It was unclear to me whether the authors conducted a systematic review pfizer clinical trial whether they used a snowballing technique (starting with seed articles) to identify the content discussed in the paper.

Did the authors search pfizer clinical trial databases (and if so which ones. With a focus on reproducibility Xlinical think the authors need to document their methods. Pfizer clinical trial think the authors missed an important opportunity to discuss more deeply the need for evidence with all the current and emerging peer review systems (the authors reference Rennie 20161 in their conclusions.

I think the evidence argument needs to be made more strongly in the body of the paper). There is limited data to inform us about several of the current peer review systems and pfizer clinical trial.



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