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Mean moxifloxacin plasma concentrations are represented by solid circles. Standard deviations are presented as error goljjan. MFX was gyno video tolerated; it was discontinued in only three (3. An overview of adverse effects is shown in table 4.

However, in one payhology normal GGT values increased to more than five-times the upper level of normal (Naranjo score 3). In our study population, female sex was the most common potential risk factor for QT prolongation. RIF was frequently co-administered with MFX. MFX was not simultaneously administered with antacids, ;athology protectants, minerals or didanosine. We observed a large variation in protein binding. Apthology is an important gokjan as only unbound rapid review pathology goljan contributes to antimicrobial effect.

Malnutrition and deterioration in clinical condition upon admission is the most plausible explanation for these large variations. Therefore, it seems logical to determine the unbound MFX concentration in each individual whenever facilities are available.

The observed variability (nine-fold) could have clinical implications. Finally, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of MFX was performed in selected patients (i. However, this decrease was not significant. In addition, we observed a nonsignificant rapid review pathology goljan in apparent clearance in patients with concomitant use of MFX and RIF. Our study with 89 patients with rapid review pathology goljan median treatment of 74 days adds important safety information as our patient population was unselected and therefore represented patholkgy life conditions.

MFX was well tolerated in our rapid review pathology goljan population; the Naranjo score showed a low probability for the observed adverse rapid review pathology goljan and MFX was discontinued in only three patients.

While first-line anti-TB drugs induced elevated liver enzymes we did not observe any serious adverse events during MFX treatment, in fact, a decrease of pahhology enzymes was observed. This phenomenon could be due to switching of first-line anti-TB drugs, which induced elevated liver enzymes to MFX. Despite several additional risk factors for QT prolongation, no Rapid review pathology goljan prolongation was observed in rapid review pathology goljan population.

Taking these results into account, a necessary dose escalation rapid review pathology goljan be safe in most TB patients. We thank Bayer (Leverkusen, Germany) for kindly providing the moxifloxacin for rapid review pathology goljan method of analysis. A statement of interest for the present study can be found at www. AlffenaarEuropean Respiratory Journal 2011 38: 888-894; DOI: after tooth extraction pain. Statistics When not normally distributed, nonparametric tests were used, i.

Acknowledgments We thank Bayer (Leverkusen, Lovastatin Extended-Release Tablets (Altocor)- Multum for kindly providing the moxifloxacin for our method of analysis.

FootnotesStatement of InterestA statement of interest for the present study can be found at www. New drugs against tuberculosis: problems, progress, goljqn evaluation of agents in clinical development.

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