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OpenUrlKrystal AD, Harsh JR, Yang R, et al. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of armodafinil for excessive sleepiness in Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA with treated obstructive sleep apnea and comorbid depression.

OpenUrlGreve DN, Duntley SP, Larson-Prior L, et al. Effect of armodafinil on cortical activity and working memory in patients with residual excessive sleepiness associated with CPAP-treated OSA: a multicenter fMRI study. OpenUrlBanks Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA, Barnes M, Tarquinio N, et al.

Factors associated with maintenance of wakefulness test mean sleep latency in patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea and normal subjects.

OpenUrlBartlett DJ, Marshall NS, Williams A, et Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA. Sleep health New South Wales: chronic sleep restriction and daytime sleepiness. OpenUrlGander PH, Marshall NS, Harris R, et al. The Epworth Sleepiness Scale: influence of age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic deprivation. Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA Sleepiness scores of adults in New Zealand. OpenUrlChasens ER, Ratcliffe SJ, Weaver TE.

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A randomzed, pacebo-controlled, double-blind study. Sleep 2001; 24: Suppl. OpenUrlSukhal S, Khalid M, Tulaimat A. Effect of wakefulness-promoting agents on sleepiness in patients with sleep apnea treated with CPAP: a meta-analysis. Medication Guide: NUVIGIL (nu-vig-el) C-IV (Armodafinil) Spf 50 la roche. Medication Guide: PROVIGIL (pro-vig-el) C-IV (Modafinil) Tablets.

PreviousNext Back to top View this article with LENS Vol 47 Issue 5 Table of Contents Table of ContentsTable of Contents (PDF)About the CoverIndex by author Email Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on European Respiratory Society.

MarshallEuropean Respiratory Journal May 2016, 47 (5) 1420-1428; DOI: 10. After irreversible pharmacological block of connexin permeability (i. Modafinil, a (diphenylmethyl) sulfinyl-2 acetamide derivative (also known as Provigil and Modiodal), has recently been used for the treatment of excessive sleepiness associated with narcolepsy (1, 2).

Unlike amphetamine, Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA Fos activation is weak Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA cortical and thalamic areas as well as in dopamine-responsive areas, such as the striatum (3, 4). Modafinil action has also been associated with increased glutamatergic, adrenergic, and histaminergic activity (for a review, see ref.

Thus, although modafinil has a large potential in neurology and psychiatry, its precise mechanism of action is still unclear. The thalamus is populated by two distinct sets Tapazole (Methimazole)- FDA neurons: cortically projecting relay elements that form glutamatergic excitatory synapses in the cortex which implement a thalamocortical loop, and local thalamic GABAergic neurons (13).

The latter, the reticular thalamic neurons and the intrinsic inhibitory interneurons, form two local recurrent inhibitory circuits by recurrent collateral activation from the projecting Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA (14, 15).

Corticothalamic afferents activate, very effectively, thalamic relay cell dendrites (16, 17). Aberrations in such thalamocortical dynamics serve as the basis for a wide class of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, which have been grouped under the name thalamocortical dysrhythmia syndrome (22).

Pyramidal cells are the largest broad class of neurons and provide most of the corticocortical and extracortical projections (26), receiving both excitatory as well as inhibitory postsynaptic potentials (27, 28). The nonpyramidal cells are GABAergic inhibitory interneurons that generate inhibitory postsynaptic potentials (27, 29). Voltage-sensitive dye imaging (VSDI) experiments Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA that inhibitory interneurons play a major lung cancer small cell non in shaping the cortical activation elicited by afferent inputs (30, 31).

However, a too-extensive electrical coupling as initially shown by Connors et al. The aim of this work was to characterize the effects of modafinil on both the thalamocortical and inferior olivary (IO) systems of rodents studied in Allopurinol Sodium for Injection (Aloprim)- FDA by using VSDI and electrophysiological recordings.

Our results indicate that modafinil enhances thalamocortical activity by increasing gap junction coupling between cortical interneurons. A similar effect was observed between IO neurons. Modafinil was applied to cortical (31) or to the more extensive, thalamocortical slices (47) by using either a fast-exchange superperfusion system or local pressure injection onto the tissue. Concentrations ranged between 0.

Modafinil effects were observed after 15 min of continuous application and lasted for as long as we continued recording. No significant reversal was observed after The effects of modafinil were initially studied in vitro by using VSDI in coronal slices through the somatosensory cortex, i. Two bipolar stimulation electrodes were placed on the subcortical white matter to deliver trains of 10-Hz or 40-Hz electrical pulses (Fig. These stimulus frequencies were selected because they had been shown to be optimal in generating wide and columnar cortical activation, respectively (31, 47).

VSDI during the stimulus trains before (Fig. Modafinil enhances thalamocortical activity and reduces the edge effect in vitro. The Shaking results are superimposed on a phase-contrast image of the thalamocortical slice. Note the increased response resulting from the interaction of low and high frequencies after the second and third 40-Hz stimuli in the control panel (red arrow). Note how modafinil did reduce such activity (red arrows) (i.

The pixel profile for a small area of cortical layer 5 is shown in Fig. Local microapplication was found to be an effective drug delivery method (Fig. Thalamic stimulation at 40 Hz elicited a thalamic and cortical VSDI response after the first stimulus (Fig. After local modafinil delivery, both the thalamic and cortical responses were increased both after the first thalamic stimulus of the 40-Hz train (Fig. These images show facilitated activation of the cortical area between the low- and high-frequency stimulus sites when 10-Hz and 40-Hz stimuli are activated simultaneously.

The activation profiles are shown in Fig.



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